About Us

Positive Patient Identification

With 100 years of combined experience, PDC Healthcare is the global leader in innovative ID solutions serving the Healthcare market. PDC Healthcare is a trusted partner to healthcare organisations, providing superior identification solutions for the safe and efficient management of patients. Our founding principles are based around superior service, quality and innovation.

Our solutions also help organisations to improve operational efficiencies and financial performance, while maintaining compliance with important patient safety regulations.

We’re passionate about solving your challenges. Our customer service, sales, and technical support teams are highly consultative, responsive, and solution-focused. In addition, our experts can assist in a broad array of services, including the development of products.

Our Mission Statement

Positive ID, Positive Outcomes

Our positive identification and patient safety solutions help providers to improve the safety and care of patients at critical points in the delivery of care to improve clinical outcomes and enhance the overall patient experience.

Quality Process = Quality Care

We are passionate about quality. No other company makes the level of investments in people, process improvement and technology that PDC Healthcare does to ensure unmatched quality in all that we do.

As part of our mission to provide defect free, medical grade quality products, every product we produce is born from thousands of hours of rigorous research and testing to provide the most durable reliable, safest and highest-performing products available.

In addition, PDC Healthcare continually strives to understand our customers’ needs through vehicles such as our Customer Survey Program. Through close and frequent interaction with our customers, we can ensure that your needs and views are clearly understood and fulfilled.

That’s been the PDC Healthcare way for 100 years.