Mother Infant Bands

Mother Infant Bands

Connecting mother and baby from birth

Maternity departments face the daily challenge of ensuring that every newborn is properly identified and matched to their mother, via the unique code on every wristband set.

PDC Healthcare offers a complete range of mother-infant wristbands in a large variety of materials and with the widest choice of tamper proof closures, specifically designed for newborns. Choose from our thermal, smooth vinyl or plastic write-on or insert-band ranges, with either adhesive, snap or Snugfit® closure.

Wristbands are available in two-part, three-part and four-part designs and feature smooth, soft materials which are comfortable and safe for sensitive skin.

Mother-Infant wristbands provide medical-grade quality for maximum durability, safety and security.

Practical convenience

Without a stiff, cumbersome laminate overlay, applying DuraSoft® to patients is fast and easy, allowing caregivers more time for patient care. DuraSoft® streamlines the admissions process by reducing wait time and increasing workflow efficiency. And because it’s paper-based, DuraSoft® works like a dream with your existing laser printer.


On admission

1. The medical staff welcomes the mother

2. After the admissions process, the mother can access the delivery room with her admissions wristband

In the delivery room

3. Both's identifiers are correctly created and matched before the birth

4. Two wristbands are generated for the baby and one for the mother

5. The nurse and the gynaecologist are asked to validate wristbands

6. Wristbands are applied on the baby and on the mother

7. The mother and the infant are brought to their room

8. The mother and the infant are discharged

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